Review: The Mystic Quest by Nancy Harvey

26 Jul 2021 11:01 #1 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
Review: The Mystic Quest by Nancy Harvey

Nancy Harvey's The Mystic Quest was published by Ariane Editions in December 2019. It was originally published in August 2014.

About Nancy Harvey:

Nancy Harvey is the whimsical creator of The Mystic Quest series, a fantasy adventure series. Nancy`s creativity is boundless as she is always trying to captivate and enchant the reader`s imagination! Her love of books started at a very early age, and has been a self-proclaimed “bookworm” ever since! Nancy has been a motivational speaker for many years, but now dedicates her time to her magical series and her charity work.

She is very proud to have received praises for her writing in heartwarming letters from both the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, as well as the Queen of England and the Canadian Prime Minister`s wife, for her dedication to The Mystic Quest series.

About The Mystic Quest:

The Magical Journey Begins

The Supreme Rulers of the High Celestial Council decided many centuries ago to hide within our world mystical treasures that hold unimaginable powers to bring the Prophecy of the violet flame to victory!

This magical journey will bring William and Alex, our two young heroes, to travel around the world, even through time and space, all with the complicity of the members of the celestial world (angels, goddesses, warriors of light...) to find these treasures. In the midst of it all, William and Alex will discover their new magical powers in order to defeat the dark side who is spying on their every move.

But Alex must also choose her heart’s true calling between three protective handsome young men; a human, a guardian angel, and a demon! Who will win her heart?...