Q&A with Dustin Cowell

10 Jan 2022 20:15 #1 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
Q&A with Dustin Cowell

Flight of the Chosen by Dustin Cowell front cover imageRisingshadow has an opportunity to feature a Q&A with Dustin Cowell, who is the author of Flight of the Chosen.

About Dustin Cowell:

Growing up in Indiana, Dustin Cowell spent most of his childhood outside. His parents believed in the idea that outdoor adventures made for the best stories. As much as it pains him to admit, they were right. He loves backpacking, is an avid SCUBA instructor, a personal trainer, and loves anything outdoors. All of his time spent outside being active and experiencing nature is what developed the adventurer’s mindset and inspired him to write the Dragon Scale Chronicles.

About Flight of the Chosen:

A new epic fantasy unfurls its wings in the first book of the Dragon Scale Chronicles. This book is ideal for fans of the book Eragon and the series The Wheel of Time.

When the Black Dragon decides again, a child of mixed race will be chosen, the White Dragone shall fall, and the Mancer will rise once more.

Once Renault finds himself standing before the Black Dragon gifted with the dragon’s power and Dragon Scale armor, he unintentionally sets into motion what could bring not just the end of all life in Caldavast, but the world. With a prophecy promising destruction at the hands of the Mancer backed by his army of Thrall, and a selfish king determined to eradicate him, Renault’s one option to save himself and everyone he cares for is to flee. Traveling with his three friends and ever-critical weapons master, they set off to do the only thing they can: find the Black Dragon. Their last hope is to convince the Black Dragon to put an end to a prophecy that can only be seen as a curse.

Q&A with Dustin Cowell