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A review of Clint Smith's Ghouljaw and Other Stories

26 Apr 2014 18:00 #1 by Seregil of Rhiminee

Clint Smith's Ghouljaw and Other Stories will be published by Hippocampus Press in May 2014.

Information about Clint Smith:

Clint Smith's stories have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including the Weird Fiction Review and the British Fantasy Society Journal. He lives in the Midwest, along with his wife and two children.

Click here to visit the author's official website.

Click here to watch the trailer of Ghouljaw and Other Stories.

Information about Ghouljaw and Other Stories:

Over the past several years, Clint Smith has established himself as a powerfully imaginative writer of weird fiction. In this first collection of short stories, Smith demonstrates the multifaceted talents that will establish him as one of the notable weird writers of his generation.

What distinguishes Smith's work is both the originality of its weird conceptions and its careful delineation of human character. One of his earliest tales, "Benthos," features both these qualities, telling a grim tale of alienated youth and drug-taking that veers into the grotesquely supernatural. In "The Tell-Tale Offal," Smith cleverly updates Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" in a grisly story of physical horror. In “What Happens in Hell Stays in Hell,” Smith uses the war in Afghanistan as a chilling backdrop to unthinkable horrors unleashed in the parched sands of the Middle East.