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A review of Stefan Jackson's Glass Shore

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Seregil of Rhiminee created the topic: A review of Stefan Jackson's Glass Shore
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Stefan Jackson's Glass Shore was published by Elsewhen Press as an e-book in September 2014. The paperback edition was published in December 2014.

Information about Stefan Jackson:

Stefan Jackson was born in North Carolina, but spent the latter part of his childhood in southern California. He moved to Brooklyn in 1994 looking for change. In his own words:

"I was raised by the calm eddies of the Trent and Neuse rivers. I followed the waters north, drawn to energetic confluence of the Hudson and East rivers of the Big Bright City. There I met my wife. We have a daughter. And a cat.

Here I write stories, play drums, coach pee-wee girl’s basketball, work the cubicle life, cook breakfast, ride the F line, laugh and rest my head in the land of jazz.

Cheers to the first fifty years. Hoping the next fifty are just as kind."

Information about Glass Shore:

What if ‘Think Differently’ was more than a campaign slogan?

What if it was part of a mind control network geared toward advanced sciences, creating a vibrant, creative and competitive workforce?

This is the world of Glass Shore, a dynamic existence featuring fierce vehicles, cruel weapons and serious body augmentation.

Manhattan, 2076. The fabled city of gold realised; a city of dazzling buildings and beautiful people; a city celebrated for converting an obsolete subway system into an adult playground. Manhattanite Nikki’s life changes forever when she finds the files labelled ‘Project Blue Book appendix 63-A’. The report contains a disc related to the Glass Shore, the horrendous nuclear event at Puget Sound in 2062. Disclosure of these files is not an option, so powerful people want Nikki dead. To protect her Nikki hires Apollo, her long-time friend and lover, who is magnificent at his job. He is also a clothes whore with an honest enthusiasm for life.

Nikki and Apollo are the hottest couple in Manhattan. Betrayed by friends at every turn, set upon by bounty hunters and other elements of security, law enforcement and civil protection, they utilise the best hotels, the sexy Underground and the glorious city of Manhattan as their shield.

“Government hit squads, illegal weaponry, hackers, cyborgs, twists, turns, sex, drugs, and a surprising lack of rock’n’roll – Glass Shore takes its readers on an express journey through the highs and lows of life in a dystopian future. Leaving you wondering at each turn what will come next, the story is superbly balanced between government conspiracies, criminals and corporations and how they inevitably intertwine.”

Click here to visit the author's website.



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