Review of Suzanne van Rooyen's I Heart Robot

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12 Mar 2015 19:05 #1 :: Sini
Review of Suzanne van Rooyen's I Heart Robot

I Heart Robot coverRisingshadow had the honour of interviewing the author Suzanne van Rooyen last year. Suzanne is having a new book coming out in the end of the month and I was lucky enough to get an ARC. The book is called I Heart Robot and it is set to the future Skandinavia, somewhere where Sweden used to be.

I had read her previous books and was very impressed - especially with The Other Me (not SFF). So when a chance came for me to read her new book, I Heart Robot, as an ARC, I snatched it and started to read it as soon as possible. Unfortunately I couldn't finish it at one sitting, as I had to go to work, but this is that kind of a book!