They Remain

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They Remain
They Remain

Directed by Philip Gelatt.

Based on the short story "--30--" by Laird Barron.

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They Remain
They Remain

Laird Barron is an author whose horror and weird fiction captivates and fascinates me a lot. I like his literary writing style and I admire his ability to write unsettling stories in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft and other masters of weird fiction. Because I like his fiction, I was eager to watch They Remain (directed by Philip Gelatt), for it's based on his short story "--30--". This film tells of two scientists who are investigating a place where something terrifying has happened.

In my opinion, They Remain is an excellent film for viewers who want to see something different and are not afraid to watch slow moving films in which the atmosphere is gradually deepened and unsettling elements are introduced bit by bit. I like this kind of independent films, because I'm tired of watching Hollywood blockbusters, which have little plot and loads of massive special effects.

I was impressed by the actors. William Jackson Harper and Rebecca Henderson are excellent, because both of them act well and fit into their roles.

They Remain is not an easy film, because it requires concentration and has been aimed at viewers who like to immerse themselves in films. It's been made for those who enjoy quiet horror and appreciate the finer points of Lovecraftian weird fiction. The focus of this film is on the gradually deepening atmosphere, which is great.

Philip Gelatt has managed to make a film, which echoes the feel of isolation in the best possible way and becomes more intense as the ending approaches. I was very impressed by the director's way of building up atmosphere. He uses dreams and hallucinations to enhance the foreboding atmosphere and steadily increases the level of psychological horror. I like his way of playing with the idea of what is real and what is not, because it adds a distinct feel of uncertainty to the story.

This film looks amazingly good and the landscapes are beautiful. I also want to mention that music and various sounds are used excellently in this film.

I have a feeling that there will be many viewers who won't get this film, because it's not your normal kind of a horror film. Viewers who are familiar with Lovecraftian weirdness and quiet horror will most likely enjoy it, because it's something different when compared to the films, which rely on pleasing the viewers with constant action scenes.

Depending on what kind of fiction and weird films you enjoy, you may or may not like They Remain. This is not a film for everybody, but it will most likely captivate viewers who like independent films and are fed up with soulless mainstream films. I hope that weird fiction readers will find this little gem, because it's worth watching.

I give this film strong four stars on the scale from one to five stars, because I enjoyed it and found it compelling and satisfyingly unsettling. This is one of the best weird films I've ever seen.
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