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‘SKARNEN’ fantasy, dramatic short film. Filmed on the Isle of Skye, launches on Kickstarter on 13 August 2018

The story of a young prince trying to live up to his father’s wishes in a cold, harsh land.

London, UK - 30 July 2018 - ‘SKARNEN’ - a fantasy, dramatic short film, tells the story of the heir to the kingdom leading a group of men on a journey west, as they look for salvation in the face of spiraling personal conflicts and the burden of the past unknown - is launching on Kickstarter, 13 August, 2018.

Somewhere in the Dark Ages, a band of men led by a young prince, Edrig, traverse across an empty wilderness. So far from home and unable to bury him, the men carry with them the body of Edrig’s father, the King. As the story progresses, Edrig’s grip on his reality is eroded. He is driven by his need to live up to his deceased father, who to him is both King and parent. Propelled by expectations, the pressure breeds delusion and Edrig becomes more violent and unpredictable towards his men.

Writer/Director Tim Archibald explains “I come from a photography background, and I find the genesis of my writing comes from imagery. The image of a group of men trekking across a wilderness, whilst carrying a dead body, was such a strong picture in my mind that I knew I needed to write a film around it.”

Archibald intends for ‘SKARNEN’ to be shot entirely on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. “I want to utilize the expansive and brutal vistas to convey a lot of the atmosphere of the film and to portray the rising tension that Edrig and his men feel, trapped in a hostile environment.”

Archibald wants a strong authenticity to the design. “The costumes and the make-up need to sell the image that these are men who have travelled far and lived hard. Everything needs to feel worn and look like it has history. It is important to me for everything in the film to actually function. No polystyrene.”

The production is running a Kickstarter campaign to help with the costs associated with making an authentic period piece, with fantasy elements, set in Northern Europe during the Dark Ages. The production plans on working with rural skills craftsmen, leather workers, weapons experts and coracle builders to build the world of the film. The Kickstarter campaign will run until 10 September 2018, with a goal of raising £10,000.


Director and photographer Tim Archibald is in his final year at London Film School. He has directed two short films prior to SKARNEN and worked on many others in the roles of Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Editor and Production Designer.

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‘SKARNEN’ Kickstarter project is alive!

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page:

SKARNEN: Dark Ages, Dramatic, Fantasy Short Film on Skye

This is a film about a prince trying to live up to his father's wishes in a land far from him home during the Dark Ages. Blood ensues.

Sometime in the Dark Ages, a band of men traverse an empty wilderness, looking for a cure...

Edrig, a young prince, leads his men on a pilgrimage to find a cure for a mysterious sickness that is sweeping through their homeland. They carry with them the body of Edrig’s father, the King, unable to bury him so far from his home.

As the men travel further into the desolate landscape, Edrig begins seeing visions, and the line between vision and reality becomes blurred. The men grow disenchanted and superstitious about Edrig's leadership.

The combination of tensions creates a boiler room situation that erupts in violence and betrayal as one by one the men come to embrace that their pilgrimage is a lost cause.

Darkness. Swords. Ancient Celts. Blood. Crazy visions. Angst. Beautiful landscapes. Probably rain. Definitely mud.

Welcome to SKARNEN.

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