Star Trek : Into Darkness

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31 May 2013 11:38 #1 :: Sini
Star Trek : Into Darkness
What, no one has yet had anything to say about this? Well I guess I have to start a topic!

Saw this last week and was really impressed how they had added the old story to this new film. (So you may want to watch The Wrath of Khan and the original series episode Space Seed!) I liked the 2009 Star Trek film a lot, but this was even better.


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31 May 2013 12:10 #2 :: Darkki
Star Trek : Into Darkness
Haven't seen it yet, but definitely going see this pretty soon. Trailer looks really nice!

27 Jun 2013 16:46 #3 :: Rasimus
Star Trek : Into Darkness
I think this one was more Star Trek than the first one. In attitude and style. First one was a little bit too much of regular action scifi flick.

I actually liked the movie and enjoyed watching actors who talk, behave, and often look like original series characters. Also, movie had pretty well handled theme of different perspectives of Kirk and Spock, showing that both had their strengths and weaknesses.

But I do have some complaints as well:
- After Heroes-tv-series, I expect Spock to open someone's head at any moment :tongue:
- Khan of this movie wasn't Khan I knew :sad:
Warning: Spoiler!

25 Sep 2013 03:24 #4 :: Moonlord
Star Trek : Into Darkness
I saw this too recently but I was bit disappointed. I liked the previous Star Trek more. Somehow this just didn't feel like Star Trek movie. Khan was great opponent though.

07 Dec 2013 17:17 #5 :: Baldric
Star Trek : Into Darkness
Loved it. I am grateful they resurrected the series with some truly great actors. I am biased of course as I grew up with the original series and we had to put up with dreadful props and poor effects generally, but it was still amazing.