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Jenel replied the topic: Random chat topic
7 years 8 months ago #21

Random random...
Am I only one, who doesn't like this weather? Outside is snowing a little bit, even it will bring some light to dark evenings, but still I hate winter... Stupid atopic skin. Unless someone is also lucky to have atopic skin?

Oh well, I stare outisde few more hours enjoying from selfmade cookies and then going to city center to see old friend, who I haven't see for ages.

"Being insane isn't curse, it's a gift!"
"My inner Dragon ate my inner child."

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Rasimus replied the topic: Random chat topic
7 years 8 months ago #22

Few days ago it was about +8 degrees Celsius and no snow. Now it is -15 degrees Celsius and enough snow to block a door. And that's southern Finland only!

Luckily it is dry, so I won't be freezing as badly as I do when it is zero degrees and raining water...

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Pisania replied the topic: Random chat topic
7 years 8 months ago #23

Minus two degrees actually feels kind of good after about a week of minus 15. It's not any less wintery but now my face doesn't hurt or my nose run all the time. The only bad thing is that the snow on the roads and pavements goes soft and it's harder to walk around. And under that soft snow there's lethal sheet glass ice.

I handed in my thesis today. I probably should be celebrating or at least feel relieved, but I can't. Not until I know for sure that I've passed.

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Rainy-D replied the topic: Random chat topic
7 years 4 months ago #24

Getting sick sucks.

Watched Guardians of Ga'Hoole, is the book any good?

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Raiden replied the topic: Random chat topic
5 years 1 month ago #25

What happened to the Finnish site? It worked an hour or two ago and now I keep getting this error message:

"Verkkotunnuksella ei ole aktiivista web-hotelli palvelua."

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Darkki replied the topic: Random chat topic
5 years 1 month ago #26

There seems to be some network problems at our service provider. We're trying to get Finnish site up asap.

Edit: Finnish site works normally again.

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