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Favorite sentimental song?

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The Doctor
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The Doctor created the topic: Favorite sentimental song?
7 years 11 months ago #1

All of us have that one song that gets us through those rough patches. Whether it be a breakup, or losing a loved one. Personally, I've been going through a lot in the past couple of months. I've lost my dog, and my father passed away two weeks ago in a car accident. My mother left my house and never came back a week ago. Now, I'm living with my grandparents... I haven't had much, 'Hope' as some would put it, in the world. I would wake up sometimes and wish I never had... Then I found this song. It manages to keep me up when I'm down... Share yours. c:

Mine is; A girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard by Jeremy Messersmith

I'm not perfect, and I never will be. But I'm happy with my life. Can you say that much for yourself?

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Fantasyfan replied the topic: Favorite sentimental song?
7 years 11 months ago #2

So sorry to hear.

When I'm really stressed, I don't listen to sentimental songs. I listen something quite mad like Napoleon IVX. It tell's about being mad and the madness of the songs feels quite relaxing

I like also the dark tones of Timo Rautio and Trio Niskalaukaus. The lyrics are in Finnish (translations are availble if needed) and the tell of harshness of life. Bit historical also like this one about abandoning and burning your home before the Russian army comes. Little brother dies in snow. You run or die.

My favorite of them is the "Elinkautinen" - Life sentence. Telling the biggest prison there is your mind where you tortured by your own regrets. There's no one to pardon you from the prison no one sees. The lyrics are very poetic

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Sini replied the topic: Favorite sentimental song?
7 years 11 months ago #3

I listen quite a lot of country music. So I know a lot of sentimental songs of loved ones leaving. But this is song is a bit different. It reminds me of my late grandma, who had trouble remembering things before she died.

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Rasimus replied the topic: Favorite sentimental song?
7 years 11 months ago #4

Sometimes I just have to be insensitive jerk when making joke of serious discussions like this. But honestly, this is my favorite sentimental (parody) song...

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Pisania replied the topic: Favorite sentimental song?
7 years 11 months ago #5

I don't often feel sentimental. There isn't a song I listen to when I feel a certain way. The opposite, in fact. I listen to songs when I want to feel a certain way. The one I tend to turn to most often is Lacrimosa from Zbigniew Preisner's Requiem for my friend . It's achingly beautiful and sad and it makes me think of all the sorrowful things that have happened and the ones that are yet to happen.

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Seregil of Rhiminee
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Seregil of Rhiminee replied the topic: Favorite sentimental song?
6 years 8 months ago #6

This is hauntingly beautiful and unforgettable music (I've loved it ever since I first heard it):

Vocalise - The Theme from The Ninth Gate (by Sumi Jo)

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