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S Y N O P S I S Madur : A Kingdom Of The Earthenworld by Nari Goebel

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Nari Goebel created the topic: S Y N O P S I S Madur : A Kingdom Of The Earthenworld by Nari Goebel
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Nari Goebel I
Madur : A Kingdom Of The Earthenworld

This novel is set about a thousand years from now, in a land called Madur. Civilization as we know it no longer exists. During the time of Science (the 19th and 20th centuries of Earth) the creatures of the Outer and Inner worlds (the Aethyric) are terrified of the power wielded by a humanity gone berserk. They see science as a great force of Magik, one they are powerless against, and flee in horror back to their own worlds.
These creatures are the Faeries, Piscies, Goblins, etc., as well as the evil Wampyrs, Werewolves, Succubus, and others of their ilk.
When Humans destroy most of Humanity and the Earth with their science, most of their great inventions and machines cease to function. The various bombs detonated at the time cause much of the Earth to collapse, creating gigantic tidal waves, and a complete re-arrangement of the Earth’s mantle. The creatures of the Aethyric feel safe enough to come scrambling back to the Earthenworld.
The Royal family of Terran is butchered, and the only remaining heir to the throne is the Queen with no name (Gemma). The Queen then disappears. Her cousins, Jarrett and Allys, set out in search of her. In their travels they meet some strange creatures; Godolfin of the Green Circle, the Elven messenger with his curious cloak; Gryeff, the ensorcelled Werewolf;Ariganna, the blue-haired Faerie princess who loses her heart to the evil Korda; Ellyryran, the witch who enters the realms of Echelon with her gift of Bronwyn of the Brown Eyes; Mystyere, Roland's true father, a necromancer who travels back to the Earthenworld to help save its future; and, of course, Madrion, the witch-woman who has survived a thousand years to finally participate in her destiny. Together, they join forces to try to battle the dark powers which have reached though the ages to clutch at the souls of immortality.

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