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Jenel created the topic: Comics
7 years 8 months ago #1

Let's throw this topic here. Comics, so simple question, what comics you read? Why you read it? And so on.

I'm maybe started my readings from Donald Duck, but in the end I started to collect Marvel comics with small passion. But there I ended to collect only X-Men, only those what I was able to get in Finland.
But with time, I started to collect in english also, since it was easier to follow story line, because in Finland these stories came easily late for years.
Even Marvel comics stories has gone down lately. I try to still follow stories, like last story: Avengers vs. X-Men looked great and yeah. I need to get it myself.

After X-Men, I started to read manga and yeah, there is too many, but mostly I prefer to read: One Piece, D. Gray-Man, Fairy Tail, Black Butler and some small ones, what I can't remember. But these has ended to my bookshelf to read

But I'm not only reading these. With time I started to reading the Guild named comic, what is based to MMOPRG game, where small group of people play together and have their own broblems, since I'm also MMORPG player, this comic is pretty good one for me.

But also I was able to find after few years fantasy comics, called: Sojourn, Mystic and Scion. It's from Crossgen, but they went down long time ago, so no much change to get these comics. I really like these, even they have slow story line sometimes.

So, what else you people read?

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Sini replied the topic: Comics
7 years 8 months ago #2

I don't read a lot of comics. I mostly read spinoff comics from my favourite tv-series like Buffy, Angel and so on. I like them because I want to hear more of the characters I care about. My latest read was a Dollhouse spinoff... So it's mostly Whedon stuff for me.

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Xariel replied the topic: Comics
7 years 8 months ago #3

I rarely read comic books. I think the only comic series that I've read more than a few parts of are Neil Gaiman's Sandman and Yoko Tsuno by Roger Leloup. I love them both!

Online I frequently check out new additions of Scandinavia and the World and often also for xkdc . They're amazingly funny!

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Rainy-D replied the topic: Comics
7 years 8 months ago #4

I read Jenel's x-men comics, Sandman et all from the library and various webcomics like SatW, GU comics and RHJunior's comics.

There are so many amazing online comics nowadays.

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Rasimus replied the topic: Comics
7 years 8 months ago #5

Online comics are my thing too these days. Sorry, no links.

"Elfquest" late 70s cult classic which is available for free and legally from! Beginning of series is good fantasy stuff, but it gets annoying and uninteresting somewhere around "New blood" -stories.

"Looking for group" started as some kind World of Warcraft parody (I think), but it has developed to actual comical epic fantasy story. Still with some parody and satire in it.

"Cyanide and Happiness" Disturbed.

"Freefall" Scifi-strips that started with strong hard core science fiction, but ended up to be a long-term continuous story slapstick. Still good. Furry-lovers like one of the main characters, who is wolf with human intelligence. Tentacle-lovers will be disappointed, as another main character keeps himself stuffed inside humanoid-spacesuit.

That is now, over the years I have read those regular Donald Ducks, Batmans (specials only, I never read actual weekly/monthly issues except that "Knightfall" series - which was claimed to be one of the best stories of actual Batman-comics), X-Men and Spiderman (I think I have read every issue published in 80s), everything from Neil Gaiman (Sandman and Books of Magic are most notable), Hellblazer, Lobo (not much).

Never been into manga myself. I mean, there are good manga, but if I have to read randomly average cliche stuff, western average cliche was easier to get on my hands when I was reading comics actively. Those "classic" and "must to read" mangas never stood out too positively (but then again, most of "classic" and "must to read" western stuff don't do that either).

And about that western classic stuff...

"Valerian and Laureline" was good scifi, but eventually it began to suffer from going on too long -disease. But 60s and 70s stuff was just great! "The City of Shifting Waters" had a apocalyptic New York sunk to sea because of global warming. "Ambassador of the Shadows" had one the most coolest space stations ever. Etc.

Benoit Sokal's "Tarkastaja Ankardo" (French: Canardo) is surprisingly still good stuff (occasionally), thought its glory times are again in early albums. Real noire-stuff with animal characters (our private investigator antihero is duck...) who are in early albums in uneasy relationship with humans. And hey... "Amerzone" computer game is based on same named comic book of Canardo! If Sokal's name feels familiar, then I say one word: "Syberia".

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Ansa replied the topic: Comics
6 years 10 months ago #6

There's Dream*Scar , a story about a teenager who finds that the parents she had thought were her mother and father were not and that she has some power she has yet to learn to control. It begins quite easy but it is interesting and the style improves a lot the more you dwell into it.

Carciphona is a fantasy webcomic made by Shilin. It is in manga style, so you have to read from right to left. It is very interesting and I love her style.

Lackadaisy is quite intriguing as it depicts the characters as cats. It doesn't update that often, though, but when it does it's usually two to three pages, maybe more, that shows up then. It's no wonder though that it takes a while looking at all those details in the comic..

ReMIND has just finished but I had followed it for a long time before it came to this point. You can either read it from there or buy the books somewhere. There are two volumes in total.

Then there is Questionable Content , Sinfest , SatW , Strays and The GaMERCat . Some of these are collected in website.

Bookwise I have only read the Sandman. I like Yoko Tsuno too, as I recall dad having some of them somewhere. The following manga I've been collecting as well: Suikoden III and Death Note I got all, Rurouni Kenshin is in the middle (like 13/25 collected). And of course Soulfire, of which I managed to grab the first Definitive edition. Would like to have the 2nd as well but it isn't available in bookdepository and for sure I can't find it anywhere in Finland either.

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Rainy-D replied the topic: Comics
6 years 10 months ago #7

I think Lackadaisy might be one of the ones that go to print regularly.
Girl Genius is another and a brilliant steampunkish adventure.

I picked up Anya's Ghost album from the library awhile back, it was good. More Young Adults oriented but easily goes down with grown ups too.

As long as you derive inner help and comfort from anything, keep it. – Mahatma Gandhi

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