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Jenel created the topic: Pets
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Like always, someone have to live along with pet. So, what kind pets you people got and why you got it in the end? And what kind history you got with your precious pet.

I used to live alone with my cat Kitty. (Mixed breed)
She did born one autumn to my parents farm and since her mother was walking freely around in farm, she did hide her kittens first.
But I found her and her 5 brothers/sisters. But sad thing is, that she is only one alive anymore, since other were killed.

But she came to me living and one reason, why she is alive and driving me crazy sometimes. But now she have to come along with my siste cats. And she hates them and they hate her. Even one of them is her nasty sister.

But this year she will turn to 6 years old.
And her photo can see here:

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