Guest Post: Introducing Authors Jason and Rose Bishop, and Storm's Rising

27 Mar 2021 01:50 #1 :: Jason Bishop
Guest Post: Introducing Authors Jason and Rose Bishop, and Storm's Rising
It must seem a bit cliché that our world of Cyrradon and the storyline of Storm's Rising had its humble beginnings around a small coffee table littered with character sheets, gaming references, figurines and multi-sided dice. Yes, we were hardcore tabletop RPG gamers back then. The two of us would sit for long hours, each playing two or three characters at a time, enjoying the unique escapism of immersing ourselves in a universe of our own choosing, battling whatever twisted overlord, power-hungry monarch, or ancient evil we could dream up. From these common beginnings, though, arose some uncommon characters who ascended beyond the stats on their character sheets, and set into motion the formative events the Storm's Rising series is all about.

That was over twenty years ago. In the years that followed we dreamed, wrote stories, and world-built. We vacationed, saw amazing places in this world, and drew inspiration for the world of Cyrradon. We raised children and introduced them to tabletop RPG, which was huge because there is no dungeon master in the world who can contend with the imagination of a pack of children! Some of the characters they role-played to life are now the heroes and heroines of the series, and the music we listened to as we played continues to be our background inspiration as we write. So cool.But then of course, as with most authors, when confronted with the demands of life itself the book took a back shelf to necessity, buried beneath daily doses of have-to-dos instead of want-to-dos.

Finally in 2020, with the pandemic upon us, we decided it was time. We had constructed the framework of an 8-book series, with book 2 in rough draft and book 1 near final. We dusted off the first one, put a final serious edit into it, solicited some beta readers, created some maps and cover art, and launched The Call into the universe! Since then it's been full steam ahead, with The Ascension released in October (thanks in no small part to the heaps of extra free time given to us by COVID lockdowns), and The Tome of Wyrms released in March 2021! 

Now to the topic. What can the reader expect from Cyrradon and the Storm's Rising series? In short, an epic/high fantasy adventure series featuring young heroes drawn into a war between kings, mages and gods that stretches back to the making--and breaking--of the world. Knowing little of the world, or of the legacies laid down for them by their predecessors, the heroes find themselves wrapped up in a prophecy-driven, politically-charged power struggle between the elder gods and the powerful mortals who serve them. In the Inner Kingdoms of humankind, High King Taurez Drakken has unnaturally lengthened his life through dark magics, but even these gruesome rituals are beginning to fail. In his desperation he seeks the assistance of Armondus the Inquisitor, a creature of infernal lineage who has served the High Kings since the rending of the Veil in an event known as the Reavening. The Call begins the story of their conspiracy to grant Drakken immortality, and of the coming together of the heroes to stop them. But of course, there are other forces at work as well, and plans rarely turn out as intended… 

We love stories with characters full of hopes and desires, flaws and brokenness, but also skills and strength waiting to be discovered. We love seeing characters grow, come of age, develop into more than just words on a page but someone we genuinely miss when our reading is done. We love a tangled tapestry of plotlines, full of intrigue, mystery, prophecy, politics and deception. We love a world dripping with legend and lore; a world of dangerous wildlands and equally treacherous city streets. We love gripping dialogue that makes us laugh, and fume and fuss. And most of all we love when an author takes dozens of seemingly unrelated threads, and brings them all together at the end, leaving nothing unsaid, nothing incomplete, leaving us wanting only to flip the book over and start the journey again. Those are the stories we love, so those are the stories we write. It is our greatest hope you will think the same when you have read them for yourselves.

Writing these stories is our passion. Sharing them with you is our privilege.

If you want to learn more about us, the Storm's Rising series, Cyrradon, or anything else we might be working on, please visit our website. We’ll make sure to set a barrel of Haønite strong ale aside for your arrival.

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