Kresley Cole

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Kresley Cole
This thread contains information and talks about author Kresley Cole  and her works.

There has been a lot of rumors lately that what has happened to Kresley. Latest books should have been released already, but we haven't got any news for over a year now... everything related to her situation is total radio silence and only a internet speculations.

The Immortals After Dark is one of the browsed series from our site and our readers are waiting eagerly  Munro  to be released. Sadly we don't have any clue when it's going to be, because there's no facts at all. We keep looking and if you have any news about Kresley, please let us know! :)

What do we know so far?
Well at least we know that Brooke Meyer, Kresley Cole's manager, updated Cole's wiki page to put the date 2021 next to Munro and From The Grave one month ago. So this is probably a good news that there's something happening and we can still have faith that these books will be released in this year.
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