Eoin made me sad

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06 Dec 2021 03:18 #1 :: spam me
Eoin made me sad
As a kid Eoin Colfer was literally my favorite author. Nearly all his books were amazing. The supernaturalists, the wish list, and artemis fowl was genuinely my favorite series. Now he has kind of just stopped writing new good stuff. He sort of picked up writing artemis fowl again with the fowl twins but they're just really slapstick and a real disappointment when compared against the original series. Warped also had this sort of twisted plot to it and again just didn't take itself serious enough. Personally I did enjoy Highfire which was one of his more recent releases but it really didn't have the same feel as his earlier books. It was clearly meant for more mature audiences yet instead it just kind of came across as crude and unnecessarily vulgar. Am I the only one who feels like this? (And no it wasn't just my transition from childhood to adult that changed my perspective. There are numerous authors I've read as a kid that I still immensely enjoy their new books.)