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06 Dec 2021 03:31 #1 :: spam me
Rare author
Brandon Mull to me is possibly one of the rarest authors I've ever seen. So often I see authors write a good series or sometimes a few good series, but as a general rule their writing very often seems to decline over time at least relative to their earlier works. Sometimes they run out of ideas, other times they try catering towards dumb political agendas, various times it seems they simply got tired of writing and just are milking an old cash cow. Brandon Mull is none of these. His books as a general rule have mostly gotten better, with plots thickening, characters gaining depth, and his books seem almost entirely aloof from politics. I enjoyed his books as a kid, now as an adult where i've seen so many of my favorite authors decline, reading his works is a real pleasure to me. I suppose i'm just putting this opinion piece out to just vent a sort of frustration i have with many authors I see these days. It's just so nice to see those few still going strong.