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09 Sep 2022 10:43 #1 :: Darkki
Christopher Buehlman
Big news for us who have been waiting the release info for the next book to The Blacktongue Thief! Sadly to say that Christopher's next book is not going to be it... but he's writing a prequel! :) Also we got some info that book 2 will come someday, but first we get is The Daughers War prequel.

Christopher (Aug 28, 2022)

I plunged right in writing a sequel, but I found myself bogging down — I had too many questions about Galva to write another book about her through Kinch’s eyes. Book 2 will come, but the next title is a prequel called The Daughters War. And I’m a slow writer - be patient and I’ll try to craft you something worthy

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