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RSS feeds from Library

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Darkki created the topic: RSS feeds from Library
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Now you're able to get our new and forthcoming books lists by RSS feeds . This way you can publish or view these books lists easily at other sites or programs.

Our RSS feeds can be access at address:

Without any settings you will get list of 25 new published books with book cover images and descriptions with html-code. You are also able to customize RSS feed by different kind of values listed below. Default values are automatically used if no values are given.

&action=new_books (default)

IMAGE VALUES (show book cover image)
&image=yes (default)

DESCRIPTION VALUES (book's back cover text)
&desc=yes (default)

HTML VALUES (add html code to description)
&html=yes (default)

LIMIT VALUES (how many books you want to list - max is 100)
&limit=25 (default)

GENRE VALUES (select which genre's books to show - default is all)
&genre=fan (Fantasy)
&genre=sf (Science Fiction)
&genre=hor (Horror)
&genre=ya (Young Adults)
&genre=chi (Children's)
&genre=mr (Magical Realism)
&genre=ah (Alternate History)
&genre=mai (Mainstream)
&genre=thr (Thriller)
&genre=ss (Short Stories)
&genre=ant (Anthology)
&genre=nf (Non-fiction)
&genre=his (History)
&genre=pal (Paleofiction)
&genre=rom (Romance)
&genre=col (Collection)
&genre=com (Comics)

* If using genre choice then only one can be set.

So if you want to customize that you would like for example to get plain list of 10 next coming fantasy books, you could add RSS values like this way:

And are there are any other options you would like to have, then don't hesitate to ask. I can make more options for our RSS feeds if needed.

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