The Haven by Graham Diamond

26 Oct 2013 07:31 #1 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
The Haven by Graham Diamond
Graham Diamond's debut novel, The Haven (1977), has now been re-released:

A cult classic. THE HAVEN is the tale of a bastion of mankind surrounded by endless forests, faced with constant wars and fears of extinction from hordes of cunning, savage wild dogs.

29 Oct 2013 12:13 #2 :: Rich Levinton
The Haven by Graham Diamond
I've just started reading HAVEN, and not surprisingly - it hooked me into the story almost immediately. G.Diamond is a good read. I enjoy his premise, his characterizations, and his whimsy. The descriptives he uses to set his tone allows me to feel the mood he's setting without them being weighty and overbearing. I'm going to happily follow Nigel and his band into the Deep Forest - despite the threat of blood-curdling horror.

After reading and enjoying Diamond's CHOCOLATE LENIN, I am glad to find these re-issues. I enjoy watching writers grow, and seeing where their minds take them --- and me.

Write On !!

05 Nov 2013 08:54 #3 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
The Haven by Graham Diamond
I've also just started to read The Haven. I like it too, because the story is good and the characters are interesting.

10 Nov 2013 11:47 #4 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
The Haven by Graham Diamond
Now that I've read The Haven, I can say that it was excellent entertainment. I enjoyed the story, because it was thrilling to read about the war against the dogs. I also enjoyed reading about Nigel's adventures in the forest, because the journey through the forest was dangerous.

It's great that The Haven has finally been republished, because it's a good and well written fantasy novel.

03 Dec 2013 14:08 #5 :: Rich Levinton
The Haven by Graham Diamond
I've just finished HAVEN... I enjoyed the characterizations, the plot, and the little twists that Mr. Diamond wove in. I found it to be an easy read: easy to follow the plot, well paced, and quite intriguing. Thanks Mr. D.

I'm now onto another of his books - BLACK MIDNIGHT. That also starts off with a bang -- well - a well-placed explosive charge on a NYC subway rail, anyway.

WRITE ON, Mr. D.........and --Thank you :)