Legacy of Kings by Celia Friedman

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04 Apr 2014 19:18 #1 :: Baldric
Legacy of Kings by Celia Friedman
Excellent book with some very novel creatures, Souleaters. Very good characterisation with Magister Colivar heading up a strong cats. Kamala is a great introduction and breaks all the rules. Lots of intrigue and plots. it's a complete story in a novel with enough remaining for a follow up tale. Good in depth history behind the tale. Good read!

04 Apr 2014 19:35 #2 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
Legacy of Kings by Celia Friedman
Celia Friedman's Legacy of Kings is indeed an excellent novel.

In my opinion the Magister novels (Feast of Souls, Wings of Wrath and Legacy of Kings) are very good. They're among the best fantasy novels ever written.