GIVEAWAY: Drachar's Demons (by David and Andrew Burrows)

19 Jan 2013 08:54 #1 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
GIVEAWAY: Drachar's Demons (by David and Andrew Burrows)

GIVEAWAY: Drachar's Demons (by David and Andrew Burrows)

Three paperback copies of Drachar's Demons (by David and Andrew Burrows) will be given to readers who participate in the giveaway. See conditions below.

In order to participate in the giveaway, all you have to do is:

1) Suggest a new character for a side story to the following excerpt from Drachar's Demons (see

2) Ask an interesting or amusing interview question from the authors.

Check out Risingshadow's review of Drachar's Demons at


Send your character suggestion and interview question to this e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You must give a valid e-mail address, name and mailing address. Subject of the e-mail message must be: DRACHAR.

Three winners will be selected by the consensus between the authors and Risingshadow. Winners from both categories and one runner up will receive the book (the runner up will be selected randomly from all the participants who have submitted a valid character suggestion and an interview question). Winners will be contacted by e-mail.

This giveaway ends at February 28th, 2013.

24 Jan 2013 20:06 #2 :: Baldric
GIVEAWAY: Drachar's Demons (by David and Andrew Burrows)
You can have a shot at creating a creature as well as a character. My books have krell, grakyn, shaol, dragons and demons amongst others. One of my favourites is the grakyn.

Kaplyn grimaced. The grakyn's decapitated head scowled angrily back. Long, gleaming fangs reflected the white light from the kara-stone, making the creature seem alive. A single white horn sprouted from the creature’s forehead, dividing into two that grew around the creature’s skull like a bone helmet. Crooked talons clutched the rock either side of the body, as though in death it had tried to tear open the very fabric of the earth. Its flesh was the strangest thing, ebony black but oily. It seemed to absorb the light around it. Kaplyn found it difficult to draw his gaze away, so hideous and strange was the creature.

Have a shot and see if you can win a book.

Best wishes