Frivolous Pursuits by DC Farmer

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Frivolous Pursuits by DC Farmer

Expected publication: July 27th 2015 by Wyrmwood Books

Darren Trott has a job, a feisty girlfriend (with plans) and a house with potential. Oh yes, he’s living the dream. It just isn’t the dream he applied for.

You see, Darren likes taking photos of plastic models in real world settings. He calls it art. His girlfriend Amanda calls it a frivolous pursuit. She wants him to give it all up and turn his garage studio into a nail bar. Trouble is, his ‘art’ won’t let him. Every time Darren takes a picture, something very peculiar happens. Something amazing, and weird, and genuinely out of this world.

Psychopathic relatives, aboriginal demons, warrior queens, and a Brownie called George (with claws, a pork-pie hat and an attitude bigger than a banker’s wage), all want a piece of Darren. But they'll have to form an orderly queue because there's the small matter of an impending apocalypse to sort out first...

DC Farmer cordially invites you to join him in exploring the next white-knuckle case report from the Hipposync archives, following on from the highly received, The 400Lb Gorilla.


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About the author

DC Farmer (as someone else--names changed to protect the innocent) began writing thrillers while the kids were in the bath. They grew up and so did he. Now he writes speculative fiction under the umbrella of the Hipposync Archives.

He lives in Wales and uses quite a lot of that umbrella.

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