Dream Paris by Tony Ballantyne

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Dream Paris
By Tony Ballantyne

UK: 9781781083604 | 10 September 2015 | £7.99 (print & eBook)
US: 9781781083598 | 25 August 2015 | $7.99 (print & eBook)


The revolution never ends in Tony Ballantyne’s Dream Paris

Solaris is proud to be publishing Tony Ballantyne’s Dream Paris, the follow up to his critically acclaimed urban fantasy Dream London.

Ballantyne returns to a world where reality can no longer be relied upon in this hotly anticipated sequel. Surreal and uniquely affecting, the Dream World is a hall of mirrors where city streets shift overnight and malevolent forces clash with larger than life characters in vivid technicolor.

Playfully mixing genres to create a new landscape of urban fantasy with huge crossover appeal, Dream Paris will appeal to fans of China Miéville, Neil Gaiman, Paul Cornell and Ben Aaronovitch.

Dream Paris also features a striking 'Dream' cover by cult artist Joey Hi-Fi in the style of the Dream London cover, which won the 2013 BSFA Award for best cover art.

The geography-warping invasion that took over London has been defeated, but thousands of Londonders are missing...

Anna is doing her best: there are plenty of parentless teenagers living alone in the ruins of London, and she’s done a good job of keeping the dreams away so far.

But then a tall, dark stranger with eyes like a fly enters her life. He claims to know where the missing people of London have ended up. He might even know the location of Anna's missing parents. Anna can help, but to do that she will have to let go of what little normality she has and journey into the heart of Dream Paris, where the revolution never ends...

Solaris Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Oliver commented:

Dream London was an astonishing accomplishment; a nightmarish, surreal journey into the heart of a city at once familiar and utterly unknown. Tony’s prose wraps itself around you and won’t let go. Dream Paris is certainly the equal of its strange brother. Funny, bizarre and incredibly inventive, no one is writing urban fantasy liking Ballantyne is writing urban fantasy.”

Praise for Dream London:

‘An unclassifiable gem... shares the surreal, absurdist whimsy of Alice in Wonderland, and Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday.’ The Guardian

‘As strange and unclassifiable a novel as it’s possible to imagine, and a marvellous achievement.’ Financial Times

About the author

Tony Ballantyne is the author of Dream London, the Penrose Series and the Recursion Series, as well as numerous short stories. His work has appeared in Interzone, Private Eye and Analog, and he has been nominated for the BSFA and Philip K. Dick awards. Tony lives in Oldham with his wife and two children. His imagination is completely spent as a result of writing Dream Paris, and he now spends his time staring at blank walls, subsisting on a diet of dry crackers and distilled water.
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