The Sea Hates a Coward by Nate Crowley

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Debut novella from Nate ‘@FrogCroakley’ Crowley coming soon from Abaddon

Infamous author of Daniel Barker’s Birthday to release The Sea Hates A Coward in October 2015

The Sea Hates A Coward, the debut novella by the terror of Twitter, Nate ‘Frog Croakley’ Crowley, is to be published by Abaddon this October.

Abaddon signed Nate after being sucked in to the hilarious, twisted world of his Twitter fiction (via @FrogCroakley ), particularly the epic saga of Daniel Barker’s birthday, which was featured in a Buzzfeed article earlier this year .

Since Abaddon announced Nate’s debut, it has garnered further coverage on Buzzfeed and The Daily Dot , not to mention an endorsement (well, sort of) from confirmed Nate Crowley fan Dara Ó Briain.

Nate Crowley said:

"Well, this escalated quickly. Being offered a publishing deal on the back of tweeting about your mate’s birthday for 75 days feels a bit like being made defence minister because someone saw you throw a crisp really hard at a dog. Even so, I’m massively pumped to be working with Abaddon, and can’t wait to tell more stories with them. My first book is about zombie POWs being forced to crew a whaling ship on an alien world. It is of course dedicated to Daniel Barker, as a birthday gift."

Abaddon Commissioning Editor David Thomas Moore said:

“My first encounter with Nate was the now-infamous Twitter birthday, which remains one of my personal internet highlights for 2015. I really wasn’t sure what he’d say when we reached out to him, but I’m thrilled to be working with him to launch his prose career; he’s a witty, talented writer and a pleasure to work with.”


The Sea Hates a Coward

Schneider Wrack was never a dissident. But since he’s serving the sentence anyway, he may as well become one.

Because in the city, the sentence for sedition is death. Death, and then reanimation, before being shipped out to Ocean to work until you fall apart – or something gets you. There’s always a need for fresh bodies in Ocean. In the 70 years the city has been under siege, it’s been the only place to get food, and so the whaling barges work night and day to haul in enough meat to keep three million people from the edge of starvation. Human labour isn’t an option – Ocean’s too big, too cruel, too full of monsters – so it’s the dead that man the whaleboats. They’re meant to be mindless, empty vessels, but the procedure isn’t perfect. Schneider has woken up months into his sentence, trapped in a living hell of meat and brine, and he’s not happy.

It’s going to take a lot to stir the workforce into revolt; few of them have all their original limbs, and fewer still can remember their own names. But you’ve got to do what you can with what you’ve got.

It’s time to bring hell back to the city.


The Sea Hates A Coward will be an e-first publication.

Publisher: Abaddon
Release date: 9 October 2015
Price: £2.99/$3.49

Pre-order now available:
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

About the author

Nate Crowley lives in South East London, and​ knows too much about the history of public aquaria​. Once, he ​accidentally punched a wrasse while wearing a diving suit from the 1800s. He keeps a List of Animals. He is the author of Daniel Barker’s Birthday, and can be found on twitter as @frogcroakley . The Sea Hates A Coward is his first wossname.
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