JL Doty’s A Choice of Treasons - new edition

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JL Doty’s A Choice of Treasons

A new edition of JL Doty’s A Choice of Treasons will be released on October 27, 2015 with a brand new cover. A Choice of Treasons follows York Ballin, a lifer in the Imperial Navy fighting in a war that has lasted for generations. York and his crew are ordered to deliver the princess Aeya to the empress on the planet Dumark. As they do so, the planet is hit with a massive Directorate assault and York saves them just in time… but soon he finds out the empress and Princess Aeya are harboring a secret so great that it threatens both the Empire and the Directorate. Now York must decide between saving them or saving himself—and his only options are a choice of treasons.

On Sale October 27, 2015

Published by Open Road Media


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