Yorath the Wolf by Cherry Wilder E-book Release

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On February 16, the second book in the trilogy, Yorath the Wolf, received its first e-book edition ($5.99, ISBN:978-1-5040-2700-7) from Mashup Press, distributed by Open Road .

Once upon a very long time ago, trilogies weren't necessarily one narrative in three installments. Cherry Wilder, never one to worry about whether she was conforming to convention, wrote the Hylor trilogy the way she wanted, never mind the way most trilogies were written in the 1980s, and for that matter, today. So Yorath the Wolf, while taking place in the same universe, the same land of Hylor, is completely independent of the characters of A Princess of the Chameln. Yorath's story is very different from the story of Aidris, the princess of the Chameln. He is, I admit, a prince. But without giving away the whole story, I'll just say that he's born to trouble, rises above it, and then... things go in an unexpected direction--at least it was a direction I didn't expect.

Yorath is born with a deformity that marks him for death. The court physician takes him to a distant forest where he thrives, unaware of his birthright and the dark prophecy that looms over him. But as he grows to manhood, Yorath can’t avoid being drawn into the violent conflict that plagues the land.

Even as Yorath wields the power of a kingmaker, the ways of the court are as much anathema to him as the brutality of war. If he is ever to escape the violence and machinations he so despises, he must confront his heritage or lose the land he has come to love and the peace he cherishes.
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