A new graphic novel: Icarus by Gregory A. Wilson

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Graphic Novel Icarus Takes Fantasy Fiction to New Heights
A Fresh Take on Ancient Mythology Provides a Feast for the Eyes

New York, NY—April 23, 2016—Fantasy author Gregory A. Wilson is pleased to announce the release of his new graphic novel, Icarus, via Silence in the Library Publishing. Collaborating with artists Mark Dos Santos and Matt Slay, Wilson’s newest endeavor will instantly appeal to fans of fantasy, art, and new takes on mythology.

Icarus is the story of two characters, Icarus and Jellinek, people as different as night and day. As the story goes on, however, the winged and fair Icarus and the ruddy and gruff Jellinek discover that while they may be unlikely companions, they are connected by the mysteries and trials of their world, Vol. Together, they will fight to end the tyranny of the leading Magisters and try to gain the freedom of an entire people. The story takes place inside the heart of a massive dormant volcano called Vol, on a world far from Earth.

Wilson, a college professor by day, has always been intrigued by the Icarus myth of ancient mythology. Touching on many themes like the relationship between fathers and sons, joy and sorrow, ambition, lack of control, and the simplicities and complexities of survival, the original tale was a deeply sad story. While pondering the story, Wilson wondered what would happen if some hope was pulled from the despair. Would the story veer in a different direction? This thought process, coupled with some inspiration from a Cirque Du Soleil show, created the story of Icarus as it exists in Wilson’s graphic novel.

While Icarus is Gregory A. Wilson’s first graphic novel project, he has also written a fantasy novel, The Third Sign, and is contracted to write a series, the Gray Assassins Trilogy, which will be released via the Ed Greenwood Group over the next couple of years. He has also penned several short stories. The experiences of writing prose stories versus writing for a graphic novel differed a great deal. While writing the graphic novel, Wilson had to work closely with artists and allow their illustrations to do the work of bringing readers into the world of Vol as well as supplying some of the emotional reactions of the characters. With this type of collaboration, readers will be able to experience Icarus and the world of Vol and its inhabitants in a way that wouldn’t be possible with just straight prose.

“I've always imagined Icarus to be a very visual story, with really dramatic, visually-driven set pieces,” Wilson says. “That's why the art is so special--it really captures the images I had in my head to begin with, giving them a powerfully tangible quality which would have been difficult for me to represent on my own.”

Graphic novel and fantasy fans of all kinds can experience this visual feast for themselves—Icarus is now available on amazon.com. For more information, please visit Gregory A. Wilson’s website at www.gregoryawilson.com

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