The Stone Collector by Eitan Olevsky

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7 stones grant seven extraordinary powers, but these powers are as much curses as blessings, and all come with a cost...

Eitan Olevsky’s The Stone Collector is like a cross between Neil Gaiman, Umberto Eco, Jorge Luis Borges, and Paul Coelho. Part murder mystery, part mythic fantasy, part conspiracy theory, part social satire. This truly eccentric novel is built around the notion of seven stones that are as much curses as blessings. The characters in the book gain different powers (to kill, to heal, to travel through mirrors, to transmute matter, to speak to spirits and to make things grow) but all come with a cost. This fantastical tale probes relentlessly at our human foibles – our insecurities, our vanities, our regrets and our desires.

Throughout The Stone Collector the main characters reveal themselves to be ordinary people, each possessed of a soul challenged to face the world ultimately alone, each the hero of his own adventure. The characters include a devout rabbi, a sexy newscaster, a socially awkward college student, a professional hit man, a drug lord, and an archaeological assistant.


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