Binary/System by Eric Brown

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Binary/System by Eric Brown

UK: 978-1-78108-551-6
Available 10 August 2017 • £9.99

US: 978-1-78108-551-6
Available 8 August 2017 • $14.99

Survival is all in the mind

A downed terraforming ship. An ice planet. A hostile alien race. Delia Kemp has had better expeditions.

Stranded, alone and hunted by the native Skelt for her scientific knowledge, Delia is chased across the undiscovered world of Valinda as its long winter comes to an end and a blistering summer approaches.

Strange new companions, phantasmagorical landscapes, and a death-defying dash across the Valinda’s fiery equator lead Deli ever close to the valley of Mahkanda – where salvation just might be waiting...

About the author

Eric Brown is the award-winning author behind a huge cannon of popular SF novels, including Helix, Engineman, Necropath and The Kings of Eternity, as well as many children’s books, radio plays and articles. He is a frequent contributor to The Guardian’s sci-fi book reviews page and his previous novels have received national coverage.

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