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Gehenna & Hinnom is the Future of Horror, and So Are You

Kickstarter Launch Date: February 1st, 2019
Kickstarter Conclusion Date: March 3rd, 2019
Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Company Website:
Kickstarter Page:

Since their inception in 2017, Gehenna & Hinnom has become one of the fastest-growing, most ambitious indie publishers in the genre of Speculative Fiction, particularly Weird Fiction and Cosmic Horror. The company’s goals have always remained the same: to help authors find a platform for their incredible work; and, to provide readers with the highest quality of Weird Fiction and Cosmic Horror written today. Due to their intensive growth these past two years, they are undertaking this Kickstarter for 2 key reasons:

1. To meet the costs required to market and produce every publication on their 2019 release schedule.
2. To become a professional paying market. This will allow G&H to compensate authors at professional rates, thus paying writers what they deserve.

The 2019 schedule includes a 6-part novelette series, Tales from Gehenna, which will feature several immensely talented authors in the Weird community. 3 chapbooks, all with distinctive themes, and 4 issues of their staple publication, Hinnom Magazine. Hinnom Magazine has grown exponentially and developed a massive following, even being named as a possible successor to Weird Tales by the Miskatonic Review. But their most ambitious projects for 2019 are the debut collections of authors Pete Rawlik and S. L. Edwards. Rawlik's Strange Company and Others will be a showcase of the veteran author's expert craft in pulp and Weird Fiction, and Edwards' Whiskey and Other Unusual Ghosts will explore the young writer's unrivaled talent as a new voice in Dark Fiction. This Kickstarter is truly monstrous in scale, encompassing a total of 15 published works, and 18 if the stretch goals are met in stride.

The author and horror communities have rallied in support of this G&H’s Kickstarter, offering various rewards to aid the company’s cause. Writers like Jon Padgett and T. E. Grau have offered signed copies of their works, and artists like L. A. Spooner of Carrion House, and David Dawkins, who has helmed many G&H projects in the past, have offered their illustration services. Editors like Dan Coxon of the Shadow Booth have offered copies of their literary journals, and Pete Rawlik and S. L. Edwards will both have Kickstarter exclusive signed hardcovers of their collections for pre-order. There are many more rewards on the Kickstarter itself, from individual chapbooks to lifetime G&H subscriptions.

G&H needs your help. Support indie publishing and aid Gehenna & Hinnom in opening even more opportunities for authors of Weird Fiction and Cosmic Horror, and to pave the road for a new generation of readers to navigate into the unknown.

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