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Pale Wolves by Thomas Hulse

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Pale Wolves
by Thomas Hulse

Published 28th February 2019

A thrilling fight for survival against the armies of the undead in a unique dark fantasy world

* A compelling and intelligent adventure set in a world of twisted magic and terrifying evil. A truly immersive fantasy universe of lust for power, struggle for survival and love in a hostile land.

* Features complex characters with real motivations. Alliances rise and fall as they are pitted against a uniquely dark and horrific enemy of intelligent undead that are capable of hunting in packs.

* A gripping read for anyone who loves Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.

Graves open. Corpses grow fangs and claws.

Dark magicians gather around an insane necromancer, leading armies of the dead into battle. Yet for Leonos, life goes on as normal. Living off his mother's wealth in a city thought to be safe from the world.

He has no idea what is coming...

About the Author

THOMAS HULSE lives in North Yorkshire. His interests include history, philosophy and martial arts. Pale Wolves is his first novel.

Pale Wolves is available in paperback and ebook from all good bookshops and online book sellers. RRP: £8.99 paperback and £3.99 ebook

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