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Aelia by Jonathan Soler

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Seregil of Rhiminee created the topic: Aelia by Jonathan Soler
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An epic trailer to launch
the publication of the novel AELIA.

On the occasion of the release of AELIA, a medieval epic novel written by Jonathan Soler, a trailer was posted to illustrate the ruthless world in which the character will fight to survive and get rid of all those who stand in her way.

Summary: When the mysterious Aelia arrives in the Kingdom of Namos, she cons her way into the nobility and quickly finds herself caught up in the court’s violent and ruthless intrigue. Her recklessness will lead her to confront the most powerful characters of the kingdom. But will her cunning be enough to survive their murderous plots?

After the last events that turned her vision of the world upside down, another thought was forming in her mind…. So, everything is to be taken by force and by rage, everything is to be enjoyed in the present moment, thought Aelia. She spent the night with a desire to conquer the world she never felt before.
I will no longer submit to fate. It is I who will make fate submit to me.

TRAILER on YouTube:

More information about Aelia can be found here:

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