An Invite to Eternity: Tales of Nature Disrupted (anthology)

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An Invite to Eternity: Tales of Nature Disrupted
edited by Gary Budden and Marian Womack

Anthology about ecological uncertainties by international speculative fiction authors.

Calque Press is publishing a collection of eco-storytelling curated by Gary Budden and Marian Womack and with a foreword by Helen Marshall.

An Invite to Eternity - Tales of Nature Disrupted addresses the single most important issue that humanity faces: anthropogenic climate change.

The editors have worked for a year and a half with a group of authors on the premise that speculative fiction, weird fiction, science fiction and dark horror are in a privileged position to express the new anxieties of global warming, climate change, our new worldwide geopolitical challenges, and ultimately our sense of what is real.

The result is a collection of ecological short fiction for our times, from an international group of writers, working from a variety of languages, cultures and traditions.

The anthology includes fiction written originally in English, short fiction in translation, and also stories produced by a new generation of multi-lingual authors working in more than one language, and engaging with more than one culture. Our intention is to offer the greatest possible variety and diversity of voices from among the growing community of writers working with ecological fiction right now.

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