The Last Ritual by S. A. Sidor

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Everything You Can Imagine Is Real in Arkham Horror’s The Last Ritual by S A Sidor

When Arkham is captivated by a gifted artist, the walls between reality and fantasy break down, and who knows what terrors lurk beyond those walls… introducing our second Arkham Horror novel: The Last Ritual by S A Sidor, which paints a terrifying picture worldwide in August 2020. It’s time for the full synopsis, beautiful Great Gatsbyesque deco cover art and a few telling questions for author S A Sidor.

A mad surrealist’s art threatens to rip open the fabric of reality, in this twisted tale of eldritch horror and conspiracy.

Aspiring painter Alden Oakes is invited to join a mysterious art commune in Arkham: the New Colony. When celebrated Spanish surrealist Juan Hugo Balthazarr visits the colony, Alden and the other artists quickly fall under his charismatic spell. Balthazarr throws a string of decadent parties for Arkham’s social elite, conjuring arcane illusions which blur the boundaries between nightmare and reality. Only slowly does Alden come to suspect that Balthazarr’s mock rituals are intended to break through those walls and free what lies beyond. Alden must act, but it might already be too late to save himself, let alone Arkham.

The cover...

...By genuine master of the surreal and wonderful, John Coulthart. We’re enormous fans of John, and he’s absolutely nailed this art deco-inspired occult cover for us. Just keep staring at it, the details are endless!

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