Eden by Tim Lebbon

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Eden by Tim Lebbon

"EDEN is a smart, thrilling, relentless, eco-nightmare that will worm its tendrils deep into you." - PAUL TREMBLAY, author of A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS and THE CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD

From the bestselling author of The Silence comes a brand-new supernatural eco thriller. In large areas of the planet, nature is no longer humanity's friend...

In a time of global warming and spiralling damage to the environment, the Virgin Zones were established to help combat the change. Abandoned by humanity and given back to nature, these vast areas in a dozen remote locations across the planet were intended to become the lungs of the world.

But there are always those drawn to such places. Extreme sports enthusiasts and adventure racing teams target the dangerous, sometimes deadly zones for illicit races. Only the hardiest and most experienced dare undertake these expeditions. When one such team enters the oldest Zone, Eden, they aren't prepared for what confronts them. Nature has returned to Eden in an elemental, primeval way. And here, nature is no longer humanity's friend.

EDEN is a triumphant return to the genre by one of horror’s most exciting contemporary voices, as Tim Lebbon offers up a page-turning and adrenaline-fuelled race through the deadly world of Eden, poignantly balanced with observations on humanity’s relationship with nature, and each other. Timely and suspenseful, EDEN will seed itself in the imagination of the reader and continue to bloom long after the last page.

9781789092936 | April 7 2020 | Paperback & eBook | $14.95 | 384pp

“Lebbon is a master of drip-feeding horror and suspense.” - THE GUARDIAN on RELICS


Tim Lebbon is the New York Times bestselling author of Coldbrook, The Silence, and the Relics trilogy. He has also written many successful movie novelizations and tie-ins for Alien and Firefly. Tim has won three British Fantasy Awards, a Bram Stoker Award, a Shocker, a Tombstone and been a finalist for the International Horror Guild and World Fantasy Awards. The Silence is now a Netflix Original Movie, starring Stanley Tucci. He tweets @timlebbon.


“A perfect torn-from-the-headlines biological thriller. Tim Lebbon mixes action, complex characters, and climate science into an absolute page-turner. This is why science fiction is so important! Highly recommended!” - JONATHAN MABERRY, New York Bestselling author of V-WARS and RAGE

"Tim Lebbon gives us a near-future as terrifying as it exhilarating, and—most frightening of all—irresistibly beautiful. Surrender to Eden." - ALMA KATSU, author of THE DEEP and THE HUNGER

"Tim Lebbon destroys the world like most of us put our socks on in the morning. But this is different. The catalyst of the story is hope. The hope that humanity survives, against the odds doled out by a planet that has its own plans for survival. EDEN is Deliverance with the volume turned up to eleven. A breathtaking ride through the wild - the really wild - that would give Bear Grylls nightmares." - STEPHEN VOLK, writer of BBC's GHOSTWATCH and THE DARK MASTERS TRILOGY

“EDEN is a first-rate, genre-bending thriller, a dark vision of a horrific future full of heartache and sinister atmosphere. If Michael Crichton were alive today, he might’ve written EDEN. Nobody tells stories like this better than Tim Lebbon.” - CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN, New York Times bestselling author of ARARAT and SNOWBLIND


“A chilling story that grips you firmly by the throat.” - SCIFINOW on THE SILENCE

“Its characters are richly detailed, its story imaginative and filled with surprises.” - BOOKLIST on COLDBROOK

“There’s genuine darkness.” - SFX on RELICS

“Will have you checking things glimpsed out the corner of your eye. Better still, you’ll want to believe it.” - THE SUNDAY SPORT on RELICS
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