City of Iron and Dust by J. P. Oakes

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City of Iron and Dust by J. P. Oakes
City of Iron and Dust
by J. P. Oakes

Publisher: Titan Books
Publishing date: July 6, 2021
About J. P. Oakes:

J.P. Oakes is a writer and creative director living on Long Island, where he drinks too much tea, overthinks dumb action movies, and indulges in profound nerdery. Follow him on social media @jp_oakes for flash fiction and thoughts on the writing process, or if you want to engage someone for many long hours on the topic of Bioware Games.

About City of Iron and Dust:

“A fantastic book, full of wit and sharp humor, City of Iron and Dust careens through a modernized faerie at a breakneck pace, full of verve and unforgettable characters. Oakes spins a smart, electric, and sometimes snarky tale, showing that the beating heart of modern fantasy is alive and well.” – John Hornor Jacobs, author of A Lush and Seething Hell and The Incorruptibles

Full of biting humour, unforgettable characters, and satirical, gritty worldbuilding, City of Iron and Dust is a razor-sharp dark fantasy perfect for readers of Nicholas Eames, Anna Smith Spark, and Ed McDonald. Join J.P. Oakes on a breakneck ride through the Iron City, where goblins profit upon the toil and labour of the fae, where lives collide, and violence is never far away. Get ready for the night that will change everything. And remember, no one escapes the Iron City.

The Iron City is a prison, a maze, an industrial blight. It is the result of a war that saw the goblins grind the fae beneath their collective boot heels. And tonight, it is also a city that churns with life. Tonight, a young fae is trying to make his fortune one drug deal at a time; a goblin princess is searching for a path between her own dreams and others’ expectations; her bodyguard is deciding who to kill first; an artist is hunting for his own voice; an old soldier is starting a new revolution; a young rebel is finding fresh ways to fight; and an old goblin is dreaming of reclaiming her power over them all. Tonight, all their stories are twisting together, wrapped up around a single bag of Dust — the only drug that can still fuel fae magic — and its fate and theirs will change the Iron City forever.

9781789097108 | JULY 6, 2021 | PAPERBACK & EBOOK | 416PP | $15.95 | | @TitanBooks

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