Quiet Thunder by JP Harker

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Quiet Thunder by JP Harker
Quiet Thunder
by JP Harker


For generations the Catuvan tribe have lived as an occupied nation, content to forget their warrior ancestry and live under the Empire’s laws in exchange for their protection. For Carian, a simple farm steward, this is the only world she has ever known. But the savage Seirian tribe have decided to ‘liberate’ their neighbours from the Empire, whether they like it or not. For Carian at least, it seems the days of Catuvan warriors are not over yet.

The Seirian tribe, led by the blood-drinking warrior Balor, fully believe they are in the right to free their neighbours from the Empire, even if that means ruling them themselves for a time. For their own protection, of course. Carian, despite wanting nothing but a peaceful life, has the decision taken out of her hands when her home and family are put in danger, and she learns that the fight for freedom has many faces.

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