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A Different Kingdom by Paul Kearney

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A Different Kingdom
By Paul Kearney

A new world is revealed on 29th January (US & Canada) and 13th February (UK)

Available in paperback and ebook from Solaris Books

"An utterly splendid piece" – Interzone
"Paul Kearney remains one of the most criminally underrated authors working in the genre today." –

Paul Kearney is one of the most vital voices in fantasy and now the master of the genre returns with his masterpiece – A Different Kingdom.

Michael Fay is a normal boy, living with his grandparents on their family farm. In the woods — once thought safe and well-explored — there are wolves; and other, stranger things. Then one day he finds himself in the Other Place. There are wild people, and terrible monsters, and a girl called Cat.

When the wolves follow him from the Other Place to his family’s doorstep, Michael must choose between locking the doors and looking away — or following Cat on an adventure that may take an entire lifetime in the Other Place. He will become a man, and a warrior, and confront the Devil himself: the terrible Dark Horseman...

Set in rural Ireland, A Different Kingdom is an incredible novel about the thin lines between this world and the next. A unique and stunning tour de force that will reinvigorate your love of the fantasy genre.

About the Author

Paul Kearney is the critically-acclaimed author of The Monarchies of God and the Sea Beggars series. He has been long-listed for the British Fantasy Award.

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