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Fiefdom by Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent

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A Kingdom Novel
by Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent

7th August (US & Canada) ISBN 978-1-78108-235-5
14th August (UK) ISBN 978-1-78108-234-8/978-1-78108-2560

Dan Abnett to write an original novel set in the world of his hit comics series Kingdom from legendary British comic book 2000 AD.

Evelyn War is a Believer. She knows that in the Old Time, long before the Time of Ice, the Masters fought a war with Them. But in the frozen ruins of Berlin, Them have not been seen for many years and now the Aux fight among themselves and say all that was just stories. But the ice is melting and the whistling call of Them can be heard in the tunnels of the U-Bahn once more. She knows that the stories are not just lessons in the ways of war. Them were real.

New York Times best-seller Dan Abnett returns with writing partner Nik Vincentto the world of Kingdom, the hit 2000AD comic series of the same name he co-created (with artist Richard Elson). Fiefdom is an original novel set one-hundred years after the events of Kingdom, moving the action from the isolated wastelands in the southern hemisphere of the comic series to the frozen North of Europe where Them are now just a folk memory and the Aux wage war with one another in the ruins of what was once Berlin.

Releasing for summer 2014 in mass paperback and limited edition signed and numbered hardback (500 run, UK only) it will be a must-read, not just for fans of Abnett’s Warhammer novels, but for lovers of post-apocalytic and future-Earth SF.

About the authors

Dan Abnett is a prolific, bestselling novelist and award winning comic
book writer. He has written twenty-five novels for Black Library, as well
as creating a number of original series for 2000 AD. Nik Vincent has co-written a number of Black Library books with Abnett – including the celebrated Gilead’s Blood – as well as her own novels.

“Abnett is brilliant!” - SFX

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