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Jani and the Greater Game by Eric Brown

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Jani and the Greater Game
By Eric Brown

The story begins July 2014

UK: 9781781082041 | 31st July 2014
US: 9781781082058 | 29th July 2014

Available in paperback and ebook

Being an account of certain dramatic events that recently unfolded on the Subcontinent, and of several amazing revelations about the discovery of Annapurnite and the nature of reality, as experienced by a Lady, Miss Janisha Chatterjee.

India 1910, the British rule with an iron fist over an empire built on a powerful and mysterious power source known as Annapurnite.

Eighteen-year-old Janisha Chatterjee, the Cambridge-educated daughter of a prominent Indian government minister, is somewhere above the Hindu Kush when her airship is attacked and brought down by Russian gunfire. Trapped in the wreckage with the Russian soldiers poised to end her life, she is saved by a monstrous, but kind, stranger, whose parting gift to her – a strange, coin-like device – holds the key to the secret of Annapurnite, and plunges Jani head-first into the centre of the “Greater Game”: the ongoing stand-off between the British, Chinese and Russian super-powers on the Indian sub-continent.

Her resulting journey to the source of Annapurnite in the foothills of the Himalayas is a beautifully realised adventure from SF master Eric Brown, which opens up the world of steampunk far beyond Victorian London and introduces readers to their new favourite heroine.

Jani and the Greater Game takes the heart of Rudyard Kipling’s Kim and fires it full of steam; if you only read one book this summer make sure it’s this one.

About the author

Eric Brown is the award-winning author behind a huge cannon of popular SF novels, including Helix, Engineman, Necropath and The Kings of Eternity, as well as many children’s books, radio plays and articles. He is a frequent contributor to The Guardian’s SF book reviews page and his previous novels have received national coverage.

“Brown’s been carving a niche for himself as the modern John Wyndham... The Kings of Eternity is written with real charm, a story that twists in intriguing ways.” - SFX on The Kings of Eternity

“Politically and emotionally sophisticated, Helix Wars is an action-packed space opera par excellence and ample proof that actually they do write science fiction like they used to.” - The Financial Times on Helix Wars

Jani and the Greater Game is the first book in Brown’s new steampunk series.

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