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February 22, 2021
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February 21, 2021
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February 21, 2021
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The Blood Curse by Emily Gee

19 May 2015 22:04 - 19 May 2015 22:05 #1 by Seregil of Rhiminee
The final volume in The Cursed Kingdoms Trilogy

The Blood Curse

by Emily Gee

US: 9781781083871 | June 30th 2015 | $7.99
UK: 9781781083564 | July 16th | £7.99

Available in print and ebook

Those who drink the water shall thirst for blood.
They shall be as wild beasts.

A curse is ravaging the Seven Kingdoms. Fugitive Osgaardan prince, Harkeld, is the one person who can destroy it. Guarded by Sentinel mages, pursued by Fithian assassins, he begins the final - and most dangerous - stage of his quest: entering the cursed kingdom of Sault, where drinking even one drop of the water means madness and death.

But the mages aren’t the only travelers heading east. Princess Brigitta, abducted by the Fithians, is also bound for Sault - unless she can escape. And in close pursuit is her loyal armsman, Karel.

Young orphan, Jaume, is also headed for Sault - where he will be forced to make decisions that will change the fate of the Seven Kingdoms forever.

Compulsively readable and intricately plotted, in The Cursed Kingdoms Trilogy gee has masterfully spun an epic fantasy world that has become and a fast and firm favourite among fantasy fans. The Blood Curse offers up a perfect ending the popular series as gee masterfully brings to conclusion her three wonderfully realised plot threads with a cinematic climax that will leave readers enthralled; if you haven’t discovered the Seven Kingdoms yet, now is the perfect time to do so as harkeld, Brigitta, Karel and Jaume step out for what could be the last time...

About the author

Emily Gee is the daughter of New Zealand novelist Maurice Gee. She enjoys climbing hills, yoga workouts, and watching reruns of buffy the vampire Slayer and firefly. emily has studied too much and has too many pieces of paper. As well as credits in Ancient greek, Chemistry, and Canine behaviour, she has a bachelor of Science (geology) and a post graduate diploma (rehabilitation). She loves to travel and has lived and studied in Sweden, backpacked in europe and north America, and travelled overland in the middle east, China, and north Africa. her varied career includes stints as a field assistant in Antarctica and a waitress on the isle of Skye, and five vintages in New Zealand’s wine industry. Currently, she works in one of New Zealand’s most isolated national parks.

Emily writes fantasy novels as Emily Gee ( and historical romance novels as Emily Larkin (


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