Combined Privacy Policy and Information Document. 
Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10 and 24 §.

1. Registrar

2. Contact person for matters relating to the Register

Mika Salovaara 
Site owner 
support (at)

3. The name of the registry

Risingshadow site IDs

4. Purpose of processing personal data

The purpose of processing personal data is to allow users to sign up with their own personal ID, which the user can then use to log on to the site. Personal information will not be used other than identification on the site, as well as possible news / newsletters regarding site related issues. The user has the opportunity to remove himself from newsletter distribution, whereby only critical service bulletins are sent to registered users via e-mail for information.

5. Information content of the register

The register contains the following mandatory individual information:

  • Name - Registered user can specify here either nickname or own name. We recommend using the nickname if you do not want to appear on your site under your own name.
  • The username - username is used to sign in to the site.
  • The e-mail address - e-mail address is used to ensure that the registered user is genuinely present, ie after registration, the user still receives a personal e-mail containing the link to activate the login. An email address is also used to recover a forgotten username or password. The email address is not displayed to other users, that is, it is only for viewing the maintenance.
  • Password - a user-defined password that is encrypted on a database server.

The register contains the following volunteer information:

  • Habitation
  • Date of birth

Additionally, if the user uses site services:

  • Use of the Site
    • IP Address - This identifies which users are active on the site and the number of active users is also displayed at the bottom of the site listing the site users and visitors. The IP address information is stored for 15 minutes, after which it is permanently deleted. The IP address is only visible for maintenance.
  •  Forum:
    • IP address - sent messages include the current IP address of the user when the message is sent. The IP address is only used if there is a need for maintenance to respond to interference issues, for example, by preventing that IP address from being sent to the discussion area.
    • General discussion areas, such as the content of messages sent by the user.
  • Bookcase:
    • Book grades (stars for books) - The user may, however, limit the bookcase to a private one, so these ratings are not displayed to other users.
    • Book Reviews (written book reviews in book data)
    • General bookshelf functions such as user likes to book reviews from other users.
  • Rising Chat
    • Messages - messages sent by the user to chat that are stored depending on the channel max. 30 days after which the messages will be deleted from the database.
    • Private Messages - private messages between two users are stored on the server for 365 days, after which they are destroyed from the database. Private messages are not visible to other users or administrators.

6. Retention of personal data

In general, personal data is kept permanently as long as the user is a member of our site. However, the user's IP address information will be removed from the service after 15 minutes when the user is no longer active on the site. Only user-sent discussion forum messages have unique IP address information.

7. Regular sources of information

The information is obtained from the registered user himself when he completes the registration form or if the new user logs on to Facebook or the Google sign-in button. By signing up with Facebook and Google, you will first create a user ID for the Risingshadow site, which is determined by the name and email address in that service. No other information is accessed or saved by Risingshadow through these logins. The user can also change this information later on the site and, if necessary, delete Facebook or Google links from their login settings.

8. Ordinary deliveries of information

Information may be disclosed to the authorities in statutory cases. Risingshadow will not disclose information to other third parties. Information shall not be released outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

9. Principles of registry protection

The records are not kept in a non-electronic form. When transferred over the network, data is protected by SSL or SSH technology. The server's server hardware is maintained in accordance with good maintenance practices. Access to the database containing the register information is limited by both network technology and personal user names and passwords. Direct access to the register is limited to the site owner and indirect use through site maintenance tools is restricted to other web site administrators.

10. Right to inspect

The person in the register has the right to inspect his information free of charge once a year under the Personal Data Act. Anyone wishing to inspect the information about themselves must present a written and self-signed or similarly certified request to the contact person responsible for the registry.

11. Right to request information to be corrected

The data controller corrects data according to Section 29 of the Personal Data Act. Requests for data retrieval must be addressed to the contact person responsible for the registry. Note that the Risingshadow site allows the user to customize his / her own data settings and profiles, and in general cases, instructions are provided that the user himself makes the necessary adjustments to his / her data and, if necessary, helps with these edits.

12. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

The data subject has the right to prohibit the use of his / her personal data under section 30 of the Personal Data Act. Please note that a refusal in this case means that we will then have to remove the username from the site, so login to our site is no longer possible with the user ID.