Christopher Priest

Christopher Priest

Christopher Priest was born in Cheshire, England. He began writing soon after leaving school and has been a full-time freelance writer since 1968.

He has published thirteen novels, four short story collections and a number of other books, including critical works, biographies, novelizations and children's non-fiction.

His novel The Separation won both the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the BSFA Award. In 1996 Priest won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his novel The Prestige. He has been nominated four times for the Hugo award. He has won several awards abroad, including the Kurd Lasswitz Award (Germany), the Eurocon Award (Yugoslavia), the Ditmar Award (Australia), and Le Grand Prix de L'Imaginaire (France). In 2001 he was awarded the Prix Utopia (France) for lifetime achievement.

He has written drama for radio (BBC Radio 4) and television (Thames TV and HTV). In 2006, The Prestige was filmed by Warner Bros. Directed by Christopher Nolan, The Prestige went to No.1 US box office in its first week It received two Academy Award nominations. Another novel, The Glamour, is about to be filmed in the UK by director Gerald McMorrow. The Prestige has been adapted for the stage, with productions in preparation in London, France and Moscow.

He is Vice-President of the H. G. Wells Society. In 2007, an exhibition of installation art based on his novel The Affirmation was mounted in London.

As a journalist he has written features and reviews for The Times, the Guardian, the Independent, the New Statesman, the Scotsman, and many different magazines.

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Books by Christopher Priest
Indoctrinaire N/A
Fugue for a Darkening Island 6.56   20
Real-Time World N/A
The Inverted World 7.48   29
The Space Machine 10.00   1
A Dream of Wessex N/A
An Infinite Summer N/A
The Affirmation 9.00   2
The Glamour 8.00   1
The Quiet Woman N/A
The Prestige 9.66   6
The Extremes N/A
Omnibus 1: The Space Machine & A Dream of Wessex N/A
Omnibus 2: Inverted World & Fugue for a Darkening Island 7.00   2
eXistenZ N/A
The Dream Archipelago 9.00   1
The Separation N/A
The Islanders 8.66   3
The Adjacent 8.50   2
The Gradual 9.00   1
An American Story 9.00   2
Episodes 8.00   2
The Evidence 7.66   6

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