J. P. Ashman

J. P. Ashman

Born Lancashire, England, J. P. Ashman is a Northern lad through and through. His parents love wildlife, history, fantasy and science fiction, and passed their passion on to him. They read to him from an early age and encouraged his imagination at every turn. His career may be in optics, as a manager/technician, but he loves to make time for writing and reading every day. Now living rurally in the Cotswolds with Wifey and their little Norse Goddess Freya, he’s inspired daily by the views they have and the things they see, from the deer in the fields to the buzzards circling overhead.

Writing is a huge part of his life and the medieval re-enactment background and tabletop gaming lend to it; when he’s not writing the genre, he’s either reading or playing it. He plans to keep writing, both within his current series, and those to come, whether short stories or epic tomes.

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Book Covers
Black Cross: First Book from the Tales of the Black Powder Wars (Black Powder #1)
Black Guild: Second Book from the Tales of the Black Powder Wars (Black Powder #2)

Speculative Fiction Novels (3)

(Black Powder #2)
2018 | fantasy

2017 | fantasy
(Black Powder #1)
2015 | fantasy