Darren Dash

Darren Dash

Darren Dash was born in England in 1972, but has spent most of his life in Ireland. Under the name of Darren Shan, he has sold over 25 million books worldwide, mainly in the YA market. While Darren is as active on that front as ever, he is now also exploring other worlds and different types of stories under the Darren Dash banner, which he uses to keep his adult and YA markets separate from one another.

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Books by Darren Dash
The Evil and the Pure N/A
Sunburn N/A
An Other Place N/A
Midsummer's Bottom 10.00   1

Speculative Fiction Novels (3)

2018 | fantasy

2016 | science fiction > dystopia, horror

2015 | horror

Others non-spefi books (1)

2014 | thriller > crime fiction