Ken Hughes

Ken Hughes

Ken Hughes lives in Los Angeles and has worked as a technical writer for missions to Mars and the governing body of the Internet (ICANN). He writes paranormal thrillers and urban fantasy, and has been known to argue over the difference between the two in his blog,

His novel Shadowed was nominated for a Global Ebook Award. The series he launched with The High Road and continues with the upcoming Freefall is meant to prove one thing: how writing a thrilling cliff-hanger for heroes who can fly takes writing to a whole new level. (Don’t get him started on puns.)

Photo source: author's official website (media kit).

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Speculative Fiction Novels (3)
2019  Freefall (Spellkeeper Flight, #2)
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2016  The High Road (Spellkeeper Flight, #1)
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2012  Shadowed
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