Sapphira Olson

Sapphira Olson

Sapphira Olson is the pen name of author, illustrator and poet Sapphira Olson French. Born in Cornwall she now lives in Luton. Faithfully LGBT, she is a trans woman with six published novels, including An Android Awakes, Fictional Alignment and The Dandelion Trilogy.

Nominated for the Galaxy British Book Awards and the Arthur C. Clarke Award, she has been a senior editor of The View From Here literary magazine and has interviewed authors such as Julian Barnes, Iain Banks and Markus Zusak.

She also has a short story collection published by Elsewhen Press called Parables which was born out of her experiences and deconstruction and ‘escape’ from a strict evangelical church.

Stanley Park was her first collection of poetry, which was a surprise to her, The Girl in the Garden even more so.

When not writing she loves spending time in the countryside and enjoys watching Audrey Hepburn movies and listening to Dido and Caravan Palace.

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2020  The Girl in the Garden: Year One (Origins, #1)
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2019  Stanley Park
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2019  Parables
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