Robert T. Bradley

Robert T. Bradley

Robert T. Bradley is the author of The Reckoning Turbines Steampunk series. The youngest twin in a family of six originally from Plymouth England. Having left school at sixteen Robert served in the British Army for five years which when on exercise in the Scottish Highlands, he discovered the joy of writing.

He moved to London in 2005 and held jobs at the Express Newspapers Group, the BBC and Dennis Publishing. As well as his writing career, Robert regularly reviews upcoming Science Fiction titles on his website

You'll find Robert somewhere in North London between the Hawley Arms, The Lamb and The Maid of Muswell; with a whiskey or a glass of absinthe. Robert is rarely not reading and is always writing.

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Moorlander (The Reckoning Turbines #1)

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(The Reckoning Turbines #1)
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