John Garth

John Garth

John Garth is winner of the Mythopoeic Scholarship Award for Tolkien and the Great War, acclaimed as ‘very much the best book on Tolkien’. He studied English at Oxford, worked for many years for the London Evening Standard, and is now a freelance writer, editor and researcher.

His website,, carries more of his writing and further information.

He has spoken about Tolkien on TV and radio; on Peter Jackson’s Return of the King extended edition and National Geographic’s Beyond the Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring; at London’s National Army Museum and at international conferences. He writes regularly for the annual scholarly journal Tolkien Studies and contributed to the Routledge JRR Tolkien Encyclopedia.

Garth has reviewed books for the TLS, Times, Sunday Telegraph, Observer, Evening Standard and others. He is a regular contributor to Oxford Today, the university alumni magazine, and other publications.

Tolkien and the Great War – the only substantially new narrative biography of Tolkien since 1977 - draws closely on the unpublished letters of Tolkien and his closest friends. It has been published in Great Britain, the USA, Italy and China; and an unabridged audiobook voiced by John Garth is also available.

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